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This classic freeware program can be calibrated to predict drilling run times very accurately.

A special free plug-in from the people at AutoDesk.

At FASTechnologies we pride ourselves in the highest level of support we provide our customers. We have two levels of support which are offered to our valuable customers.

FASTechnologies Annual Maintenance Plan

The terms of the FASTechnologies Product Maintenance Plan for the System are as follows:
a) FASTechnologies will provide up to three registered customer personnel with priority telephone and email technical support to maintain the operation of the System. The customer may contact FASTechnologies’ Minnesota office for technical support via email or telephone 24 hours a day.

b) FASTechnologies will maintain, at its Minnesota headquarters, a full and complete back-up of the System's software and set-up files, as provided to FASTechnologies from time to time by registered customer personnel. In order to maintain these back-ups in a proper state of currency, it will be the responsibility of the registered Customer personnel to provide these back-ups to FASTechnologies whenever the System configuration or set-up files are revised. FASTechnologies will accept back-ups from registered personnel in the “ZIP” format via email to 

c) FASTechnologies will provide Customer priority service for the repair of any software bugs in the System as reported to FASTechnologies by registered Customer personnel. This priority service places any such reported bugs "first in line" for correction by the FASTechnologies Software Engineering Department.

d) FASTechnologies generates periodic software updates to the System, to correct software bugs discovered in the System, and to provide general enhancements to the System. Under this Plan, FASTechnologies will automatically supply such updates to Customer as they become available, with no per-update charge. Major System enhancements (which alter the functionality of the System beyond the performance established in the Final Acceptance Agreement) will be developed and provided at the sole discretion of FASTechnologies, .

Note: When software updates are to be installed, Customer may, at its option, purchase on-site installation service by FASTechnologies personnel at FASTechnologies’ minimum on-site charge. Such installation service will be quoted on a case-by-case upon the customer’s request.

e) Covered software: This Maintenance Plan covers only FASTechnologies-supplied software and set-up files, and specified FASTechnologies-supplied hardware.

f) Covered hardware: This Maintenance Plan covers only FASTechnologies-supplied hardware. Covered hardware must be used in a manner consistent with FASTechnologies’ documentation and recommendations, specifically, no hardware locks, cables, or interfaces may be connected or disconnected while power is applied to any system to which they are attached. Within the period of this Agreement, FASTechnologies will replace any such failed hardware at cost.

g) Items specifically excluded from this Agreement include the System's Dell PC hardware (which is covered under separate warranty), and any components of Customer-owned hardware or software with which the System interfaces.

h) This Maintenance Plan neither affects nor replaces any item of the System Warranty, as detailed in the FASTechnologies Terms and Conditions of Sale, Form CD-2. Specifically, this Maintenance Plan is neither a warranty nor a statement of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

i) Eligibility: In order to be eligible for entry into this Plan, the System must be in its original, unaltered condition as shipped from FASTechnologies, with all current updates installed under its warranty or a currently-effective FASTechnologies Product Maintenance Plan. If the System is not under warranty or a currently-effective FASTechnologies Product Maintenance Plan, a separate quotation will be required to install any needed updates to bring the system up to current specifications.

j) Term: This Maintenance Plan will be effective for twelve months from the date of its execution.

Customers with annual maintenance support
We view our flag ship products UltraServer and SmartParts as mission control product which could in fact stop production. FASTechnologies provides support for its SmartParts and UltraServer products based on annual maintenance agreements with each customer. Customers with maintenance agreements receive the highest level of support possible: 24-hour, 7-day direct cell phone access to our support personnel. Customers who have elected not renewed their annual maintenance will be quoted on an individual basis

Customer without annual maintenance support
As for our workstation products such as NC-CAM, FA/Plot, CAMeasure, and others, support is always available via email or Telephone support for +1-763-263-0611. There is a nominal fee of $300.00 per incident up to one hour and an additional $150.00 for each additional hour.

Lock replacement
A free replacement lock will be send (overnight) for any software lock failure to any customer who is under the annual maintenance agreement. A $ 300.00 plus shipping will be collected prior to shipment to all other customers. Note: Old locks must be returned to FASTechnologies before permanent codes will be issued.


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