SmartPhone NotificationAutomated PageAlert: Reduce Production Time
In the traditional drill room, the operators spend much of their time walking around, checking to see if any machines have stopped. That's a waste of time, because every time an operator checks a machine and it's still running, he's accomplished nothing. No added value, zero profit. On the other hand, when a machine is stopped, all of the machine's time is wasted, until an operator happens to see it. Until today, your only choice is which time to waste!

The ShopView Operator PageAlert System changes all of that. Armed with a cellphone or alphanumeric pager, your operators will know with certainty that their machines are running, whether they are stacking panels in the next room, or eating in the cafeteria at the other end of the building. The minute a machine stops, a text will be send to his cellphone with the machine number and the current error displayed on the machine. An optional pager could be used as well.

The operator reads the pager's text display:


Now the operator knows which machines have stopped and what recent error he needs to go fix and in what sequence (number seventeen first, get it running, then go to number twelve and put on a new load). No wasted steps, and far less wasted machine time!

Cost Justification: You can't afford not to have it.
In our studies, the ShopView Operator PageAlert System reduces your machine stop time by a minimum of thirty minutes a day.In a three-shift operation, the daily cost savings is worth about $50 per machine.

Even in an eight-machine shop, the cost savings of $4000 per day will pay for the complete system in under four months. So this system is an investment which pays about a 300% return in the first year! That's why companies invest in FASTechnologies products like the ShopView system, especially in a difficult market.

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