NC-CAM Rout improves routing and rout programming productivity by crafting trouble-free rout programs. With features like one-button auto-routing, pocket milling, and a live editable cutter path display, NC-CAM Rout puts your CAM operator in direct contact with what’s going to happen on your routing machines. This direct interaction with live, compensated rout paths sets NC-CAM Rout apart from the rest.

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Programming Advantages

  • Accepts DXF, RS-274X, Gerber and HPGL drawing data
  • Powerful automatic clean-up integrates chorded arcs & overlaps
  • Rapid rout program creation, with "one-button" routing
  • Simple path re-sequencing allows optimization of existing routs
  • Reliable first-pass results, with onscreen path verification
  • Automatic "dust-out" minimizes vacuum plugging
CAM Compatibility
  • Valor ODB++ compatibility assures clean integration with Genesis CAM
  • IGI-POST compatibility assures clean integration with
  • PC-D-350 compatibility provides a clean integration with CAM-350
  • RS-274X, HPGL, DXF, Excellon input work with almost any CAD

NC-CAM Rout offers a wide range of rout creation tools, from full-panel automatic routing to hand adjustment of individual rout cuts. The fulltime,
real-compensation display provides direct control of the routing process. Its broad spectrum of tools makes NC-CAM Rout the ultimate rout engineering system.

All in all, NC-CAM Rout works in concert with all major CAM systems, streamlining the rout programming and verification process.

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