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Who We Are
FASTechnologies is a unique group of specialists highly experienced in the field of printed circuit board drilling and routing. We are also expert software developers. These two strengths give us the ability to develop advanced software products for enhancing the productivity of the PWB drilling and routing processes.

What We Do
Since 1987, FASTechnologies has been improving the profitability of the PWB drilling and routing processes. We are independent of the machine manufacturers, so our products are broadly applicable: They improve the performance and throughput of all kinds of CNC drillers and routers.

How can FASTechnologies products improve the profitability of your drilling and routing operations? Here is a partial list:

More Machine Uptime
We reduce lot change-over times by eliminating almost all operator set-up entries.

Reduced Tool Costs
We optimize the use of drill tools through several strategies, including fully-automated cassette designs, "resident" tools, and standardized cassettes.

Consistent, High-Quality Results

We automate and fine-tune drill process selection, assuring that each hole is drilled with the best possible parameters.

Automated Problem Reporting
We record machine events and errors, both improving operator awareness in real-time, and providing long-term reports and summaries.

Reduced Operator Training Requirements
By eliminating many operations and standardizing others across different machine types, we reduce operator training requirements.

Where Our Products Are Used
In a word, "everywhere." Our products are used in every major board shop in North America, Europe and many shops in the Far East as well. Our total installed base of customers was over 650 at last count. With the recent success of our SmartParts product line, we are revisiting all of our existing customers to acquaint them with the new state-of-the-art in drilling and routing.

Where We Are

Founded in Boston in 1987 as Fastec Corp., FASTechnologies changed its name and moved to the Minneapolis area in early 1988. The company is now located in Big Lake, Minnesota, about 35 miles northwest of Minneapolis. We also maintain a sales office in California in the Los Angeles area.


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Ofer Ton
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